maids for you too, providing all your cleaning and ironing services in Saddleworth, Oldham

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Maids for You TOO! - Yes You TOO! can now afford to have your Household chores done for you!!
We can take care of your Cleaning and Ironing with our friendly, local and flexible service.

Saddleworth Cleaning Company
Saddleworth Domestic Cleaning Company
Saddleworth Ironing Company
Saddleworth Ironing Company

Whether You require a one-off, Daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly visit from our trustworthy, dedicated team we will make sure You are happy with us and will want to use our services again.

You may need our Domestic Service Plan for:

  • Professional Ladies or Gentlemen with little spare time in your hectic working and home lives
  • Elderly, infirm or disabled Ladies or Gentlemen who find their household chores an overwhelming or impossible challenge to complete

Earn up to £10,000 a year before paying tax!
Get paid above the national minimum wage!
Enjoy flexible working hours!
Call 07795 608281 or email

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Or You may need our Commercial Service Plan for:

  • Landlords with occupied or void Houses, Offices or Business properties to service for their existing or potential Tenants
  • Business owners who need their Office or Warehouse buildings cleaning
  • Shop Owners who need their display, public areas or rest room/Toilet areas scrupulously cleaning
  • House and Business owners who have had Building work carried out

To find out more, have us visit, or to hear more about our deals, please contact us.

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Why choose Maids For You Too?

Because you will benefit from -

  • Full Public Liability Insurance
  • Receiving the same regular cleaner instead of a different person each visit
  • A friendly, helpful and adaptable service
  • Very competitive rates